Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas

I may be off-line for a week or so.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

sexy border jumpers

I just noticed in my referals that someone found my blog by searching on for "sexy border jumpers". Doc Rampage is the first site found for that search phrase.

The searcher probably didn't find what he was looking for.

And here's a surprise. I'm only second in a search for "caramelized underwear". Who would have thunk?


The new Storyblogging Carnival is up over at Back of the Envelope.

the trials of Delay

By the way, Rhymes with Right has been a good source of information on the indictment of Tom Delay. See here and here for recent developments.

I don't think he like Ronnie Earle very much.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


This is really interesting. When I read about these national security leaks over at Malkin's blog, my first thought was, "whoever leaked that information should be tried as a traitor and sent to prison." I didn't blog about it because I already have a reputation (among the two or three people who remember my name) as something of a hot-head, and I didn't want to make it worse.

So imagine my delight when I saw this post by Michael Williams, Master of None, who wants the leakers not only sent to prison, but executed. Michael Williams is a pretty level-headed guy and he is more angry about this than I am.

Then I saw this post by Dean who also wants the leakers executed, and Dean is also a ... well ... OK, Dean is something of a hot-head like me, but he also has a reputation for seeing both sides of the issue. After all, he's the atheist that is always standing up for Muslims and conservative Christians and taking a lot of grief over it.

Do the leakers really deserve the death penalty? My first reaction is that it depends on their motivation. They may very well have thought that they were doing the right thing. My more considered reaction is that their motivation is irrelevant. Innocent people will almost certainly die over this leak and it was reasonable to expect that it would cause innocent people to die. No matter what their reasoning, whoever leaked this information did it with callous disregard for the consequences.

So I guess Williams and Dean are right: this offense does deserve execution.

But it won't happen. There won't be any serious penalties at all. And the N.Y. Times, who I hold equally responsible will not suffer legal consequences of any kind. That's because too much of the decision-making infrastructure of this country has been taken over by our enemies.

Yes, I said "enemies". Told you I'm hot-headed.

The federal, state, and local governments, courts and bureaucracies, the news organizations, the schools, the unions and other civic organizations have been heavily infiltrated, and in some cases completely taken over by people who hate traditional America and will do anything to destroy it, even if that means making common cause with vile criminals and terrorists like Tookie Williams and Osama bin Laden.

Until the last five years or so, I had believed that our law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies were still in pro-American hands, but I've lately come to doubt that. The only really significant government organization that is not heavily influenced by the enemy is the military, and I worry about them. In the last few years, the military has been a crucial political ally for people who love America and I'm afraid that he left has seen this and will begin to target the military like they have the other institutions.

OK, that was kind of of off the subject, so before I wander any further, I guess I'll sign out. I have to do some Christmas shopping anyway.

Monday Evening

For anyone who wonders why Monday Evening has been down for a few days, I asked Tom Harrison about it and thought I should pass along his reply:
Thanks, I'm fine. We had a power failure that damaged some of the hardware.
I'm still in the process of assembling and configuring another Frankenbox;
Then I'll restore from the backups. I hope to be back up later today or
tomorrow. I have a static page up at
http://tfharrison.homeip.netexplaining, but I guess that's not visable
to everyone. Thanks for your
concern, I appreciate it.
Tom Harrison
That link doesn't work for me though.

I just noticd that my side bar still says "Monday Afternoon" but I'm pretty sure Tom changed the name to "Monday Evening". I'll have to check when the site is back up and maybe change my sidebar.

People shouldn't be allowed to change blog names to similar names. See what kind of trouble it causes? There ought to be a law.