Monday, June 19, 2006

Storyblogging Carnival XLVI + 1

Welcome to Storyblogging Carnival XLVI + 1. OK, I admit it, I can't read Roman Numerals that high, so I had to improvise. I have no idea what number this Carnival is, but the previous Carnival was numbered XLVI, and thanks to the miracle of mathematical notation, I don't have to know what a number is in order to represent it.

Lots of good stories this time and some new authors.

So if I stop here, I think I can get this posted before midnight on Monday, thereby officially not missing the date this Carnival was supposed to come out. So I think I'll stop here. Have fun.

Mark A. Rayner presents Betty's Office Apocalypse at The Skwib
700 words
rated PG - drug jokes
The office baker goes too far on 6/6/06.

Postmodern Sass presents California Dreamin' at Postmodernes Sprachspielen
approximately 10,000 words in 13 parts
rated PG-13

Stephen W. presents Flame of the Heavens (Part One) at Project Paradox.
rated PG - violence

F. Scott Sinclair presents PANCHO VILLA AVENGED (part 1 of a serialized novel) at Novelist F. Scott Sinclair's Blog
rating PG - subject matter

Andrew Ian Dodge presents White at Dodgeblogium
100 words
rated PG - subject matter
There is a reason those men are looking peakish.

KG presents You Want Me to Beat Him Up? at Blog Name: Cagey Mind
approx 3650 words
rated R - language
the first complete short story that I've written in a long while (been trying to work on novels). It's a story of love, lust, and betrayal. Basically, it's about a guy and girl who are friends. She gets hurt by her boyfriend, leading to the question that is also the title of the story.

Lisa presents The end of the duck & fried carpet??!! at Lil Duck Duck.
rated G

David N. Scott presents Coincidence at Pererro
550 words
rated G
Well, did you ever notice that, no matter where you are, something more interesting is happening somewhere else?

Dan Hall presents Culture Shock - chapter one at
rated G

Dave Gudeman presents Electric Souls at Doc Rampage
2471 words
rated PG - subject matter
Apocalyptic stories tend to focus on natural disasters or insanity or war as the source of mankind's doom. Maybe instead it will be philosophy.

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