Monday, June 12, 2006


I'll be hosting the next Storyblogging Carnival. This is your big chance to get a link from Doc Rampage himself. This is a very exclusive honor because of my strict rules about linking. For example, I never link to anyone who doesn't have something on the internet or to a post without a URL. Also, I never link to a post that I haven't read, or at least heard about somewhere.

So take advantage of this big opportunity! Scan through all your old blog posts looking for anything story-like. Or, if you have a story languishing on a hard drive gathering dust that you know you aren't going to publish, why not post it on your blog and send me a link? If it's too big for a blog post, just break it up into chunks at the cliff-hangers like I did for Ink Magic --a 20,000-word short story in thirteen parts.

Please send your entry by Saturday (the Carnival is next Monday) to Include
*story title
*story URL
*blog name
*blog URL
*author name
*word count
*rating (as in G, PG, R, etc.)
*a short blurb describing the story
Hope to see you there.

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