Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Storyblogging Carnival LI

Welcome to Storyblogging Carnival 51. Only four stories again this time, but I'm hoping the fall-off is due to it being summer and that things will pick up in the fall.

Andrew Ian Dodge presents another 100-word story. His 100-word stories are neat, but I really miss the longer short stories he used to post. Mama Duck's story is insanely cute once again, and Kris Mallory has a story about the legendary beverage of turn-of-the-20th-century Parisian artists, writers and other bar flies, Absinthe. My entry is the third scene of a screen play --the scene where you finally learn the derivation ... er ... justification ... er ... rationalization of the very bad pun that makes up the title.

Andrew Ian Dodge of Dodgeblogium presents Galad X
rated PG-13
word count: 100
Crossing this guy can get nasty...

Mama Duck of Lil Duck Duck presents The Continuing Adventures of a Toddler and his Duck
rated G
D Kai Wilson of The order of Celestaine presents Celestaine.
rated G
Kris Mallory of Stealthfiction presents The Absinthe Smuggler
rated PG-13
Dave Gudeman of Doc Rampage presents A Guilding of Lillis -- scene 3
2658 words
rated G
The Hero's Guild is born over breakfast.

UPDATE: Oh, shoot! I forgot to mention that D. Kai Wilson has the beginning of what looks like a neat Sci Fi story.

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