Monday, October 02, 2006

collected works

Someone asked me how they could find all of my stories. I would put up an index but that would mean I'd have to maintain it and I'm lazy. So here at least is a current collection of the stories I've written. I may have missed a couple.

Heroes for Hire, Episode 1: A Guilding of Lillis -- A screenplay for an animated film. The stars are Rolf the elf and Zantar the dwarf, a couple of brigands who wander about the countryside seeking adventure, loot, and a good strong link of horse sausage.

Heroes for Hire, Episode 2: A Meating of Mines -- Rolf and Zantar are back in an entirely new story based on a remake of Yojimbo. Certain liberties are taken with the plot and the milieu.

The Adventures of Doc (Crocodile Hunter) Rampage -- A tale of danger and courage in the linoleum jungle. Based on a true story.

My Day in Crunchy Underwear -- I don't think I can adequately describe this one. You will just have to read it. I don't recommend reading it.

Rampage in a Spa -- An emotionally true story of an emotionally scaring experience. Not really.
Ink Magic -- A 20,000 word short story about demons, dark matter, and magic tattoos.

Noober the Nice -- An experiment in copying the voice and style of a Jack Vance novel. I thought it went pretty well.

Scale 7 Artifact -- An old-school space opera. S7A is unfinished, but I'm planning to get back to it now that Ink Magic is done.
Speculative Fiction with a Point
Transcendence -- A speculative investigation of artificial consciousness.

Electric Souls -- A speculative history virtual reality.

A Visit to an AG Lab -- A farce about the field of artificial intelligence.

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