Friday, October 27, 2006

Mist Magic part 6

The story begins here
"Not a wound in the earth," the man said behind me, "but a wound in space itself."

I snorted. "And you convicted me of a heavy-handed metaphor," I said, turning back to face him.

"But my metaphor is apt," the man said, now appearing as a mere shadow against the starlit sky. "What you witnessed is the light of a foreign sun, a red sun, shining through a sort of rift between universes. And it was shining on red dust that also came through the rift."

"Well, that was my other guess," I answered flatly. "Diffraction or an alternate universe."

"But I'm quite serious," the man said. "Further, the rift is why I am here tonight; I bear the responsibility of ensuring that the post-solar glow remains a secret."

"So now that I've seen it, I suppose you have to kill me?"

"You are way ahead of me," the man said.

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