Saturday, October 28, 2006

Mist Magic part 7

The story begins here
Now I was the one who laughed, "Well, you aren't going to scare me to death so you'd better try something else." Not until I said that did it occur to me that the man might be armed. That could be a problem.

"No hurry," the man answered, "you seem like a decent sort. The least I can do is to tell you first why you have to die."

"The very least," I agreed dryly.

"Well then, let's talk," the man said. With that, he began walking toward me. I braced for him to kick or try to shove me off, but he turned and stepped outside of the hand rail and then just stepped off the tower into space as though he hadn't seen the edge. I watched in shock as the odd stranger plummeted into the fog.

The only sounds were me saying "Oh, crap," and then a thump so faint with distance that I wasn't sure I heard it at all. I admit to hesitating for only a moment and then I sat down on the top step, looped my arm around the safety rail, and dialed 911 on my cell phone. I was going to be caught trespassing after all, but that would be better than getting caught not reporting immediately a death that happened right in front of me.

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