Sunday, November 12, 2006

CNN reinforces John Kerry's stereotype

I just caught a few seconds of this on CNN yesterday, so I can't describe it in detail, it was an interview of a soldier killed in Iraq. The father of the solder was an old scruffy-looking, uneducated-sounding guy who was missing all of his front teeth. And, I hate to speak so of the family, but they all looked and acted like Hollywood's stereotypical trailer-park residents.

Isn't it a remarkable coincidence that this is the very first interview I've ever seen of the family of a soldier killed in Iraq where the family still supports the war, and this family fits so neatly into the John-Kerry stereotype of America's great military? Poor families who are willing to sacrifice their children for America must to be rare (and God bless them) so I wonder how long the reporters for that story searched for such a family to help reinforce their stereotypes of American servicemen. "Oh, sure, a lot of the troops and their families support the war, but they are just poor, ignorant trailer trash".

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