Thursday, November 30, 2006

funny muslims

Well, the big story of last week was those Muslim clerics (imams) who terrified the passengers on a plane and were taken off by the police for questioning. They are all playing the "I was just innocently minding my own business when..." game and claiming religious harassment. Some pundits have opined that this was a deliberate provocation. How could anyone think such a thing? How could clerics of the religion of peace possibly be suspected of such a nasty, unpeaceful activity? Well, maybe because of things like this activity in a mosque reported by Laura Mansfield
Khaled and his friends were pretty unhappy about it, and while in New York, they came up with a plan to "teach a lesson" to the passengers and crew. You can imagine the story Khaled told. He described how he and his friends whispered to each other on the flight, made simultaneous visits to the restroom, and generally tried to "spook" the other passengers. He laughed when he described how several women were in tears, and one man sitting near him was praying.

The others in the room thought the story was quite amusing, judging from the laughter. The imam stood up and told the group that this was a kind of peaceful civil disobedience that should be encouraged, and commended Khaled and his friends for their efforts.
I spent quite a bit of time googling around for this article but just wasn't able to find it until I hit on it indirectly through a blog post at The Dread Pundit Bluto, a blog notable for having a name almost as cool as Doc Rampage.

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