Friday, November 17, 2006

if you only watch CNN

If you only watch CNN you have no idea what happened in the tasering of a UCLA student. You have no idea that he was asked to leave by a security guard and refused. You have no idea that when the police were called, he started screaming "Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" and refused to leave. You have no idea that the police warned him repeatedly that if he didn't get up he was going to be "tased". All you saw was a very brief clip of the actual tasering and the kid screaming and flopping. There is no context to show why it happened other than the newscaster reading: "university officials said blah blah blah" --the kind of official statement that no one trusts very much.

If CNN wanted their viewers to be fully informed, they would have shown another five seconds so their viewers could hear, "Stand up! Stand up! If you don't stand up, you're going to get tased again. Stand up! If you don't stand up you are going to get tased again." and they could see that the kid was volunteering for the tasering by not undertaking even the simplest action to avoid it.

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