Friday, November 03, 2006

Mist Magic part 11

The story begins here
The man stepped a bit closer but stayed out of reach of my kick. "Where to start?" he asked rhetorically, rubbing his chin, "Perhaps at the beginning ..." The man sat down on the edge of the concrete base of the tower and just started telling me this outrageous story, behaving as if the punches had never happened. And from the way he acted, I don't think my punch had effected him very much at all. His punch, it turned out, didn't actually break any ribs, but left a huge palm-shaped bruise. I have to admit that I paid little attention to the first part of his story because I was more concerned about the blinding pain in my chest, but I'll repeat it here as well as I can.

"My name is Azeroth," he told me, "and I am a Valangzus of Kadlandith." I transcribe the names as best I can, but they clearly were not English. The "th" at the end of the words was voiced like the "th" in "this" rather than unvoiced like the "th" in "path". You never find a voiced "th" at the end of a word in normal English. The vowels were fuller and more rounded than in normal English, and the "K" at the beginning of "Kadlandith" was a faint glottal stop.

"It was we of Kadlandith who discovered the red world so long ago. We called it Rodona because we thought it was beautiful."

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