Monday, November 06, 2006

Mist Magic part 13

The story begins here. The previous week begins here.
"It sounds like you are quoting from the Bible," I interrupted.

The man's eyes focused down at me as though he were surprised to find me still there. "Not your Bible, no, but a more ancient document. It is an account written in a language long dead and forgotten. You have heard of the Minoans?"

I shook my head silently.

"You have heard of Crete?"

"Of course," I answered.

"Before the classic age of Greece, there was a thriving bronze-age civilization of seafarers on the island of Crete. Archeologists have excavated great palaces with indoor plumbing, advanced air circulation, artificial lighting, and other features well ahead of the neighboring civilizations of the times. Modern scholars have never been able to decipher the writing of this ancient civilization and so they simply call then Minoans --after the Cretan King Minos of Greek legend. But the people of this civilization called themselves theAghianar and their greatest city, they called Kadlandith."

"A city of which you are a sort of sorcerer/priest," I clarified.

"That is correct," the man said. "The city died, but some of the people survived."

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