Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mist Magic part 14

The story begins here. The previous week begins here.
I was going to ask the man if he was a timer traveler or an immortal that went around cutting the heads off of other immortals, but I decided it was best not to interrupt him again. Maybe my life was genuinely in danger, maybe not, but I decided to play it safe and keep him talking as long as possible.

"Well," he continued, "The Valangzar searched for years, seeking clues to a more effective magic. The search took them on great quests that are today known only from some twisted fragments of Greek mythology. Eventually ... this is the part you will find hardest to believe ... the Valangzar found the magic that they sought. In a far distant land, they found a portal to another world, a world of gods and monsters. And they allied with the creatures of that other world and from that alliance they gained power.

"The magic of the red world, Rodona was called the magic of the mists because the most common summonings used portals of mist. The power was useless at predicting the weather, but it could be used for spying and killing. As a result, the Valangzar became the defenders of the Aghianar and over time they changed from sorcerers into soldiers, from diviners into assassins. The Greek word "Phalanx" is descended from "Valangzar".

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