Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mist Magic part 17

he story begins here. The previous week begins here.
The Hellas of those days worshiped Poseidon, the earth-shaker. We know Poseidon as the god of the sea, but that came later, after the destruction of the Valangzar. Poseidon was not a mythical creature, but a very real and very powerful prince of the red world, Rodona. "And so the Illyrians called him Rodon" the man told me, "knowing no other princes of that realm. Is it not rich irony that such a hideous creature should be named after the loveliest of all flowers, the rose?" Although Poseidon was a god in his own world, he did not know the magic of mists. He could only influence the Earth in certain subtle ways or at certain times.

The Valangzar allied with another prince of Rodona, Azdior, whom the Egyptians called Apis, the bull god, and whom the Greeks called Asterius or Minotaur, the bull of Minos which is Crete. In those days, Azdior knew the secret of the mist magic and his servants wielded great power upon the Earth. And when Poseidon saw how his worshipers feared the servants of Azdior, he grew jealous of the Valangzar. As the Valangzar learned, it is not wise to draw the enmity of a god.

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