Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mist Magic part 20

The story begins here. The previous week begins here.
In fact, Androgiar was not telling the entire truth; he was Presaron's nephew, the son of Presaron's sister, but as the Aghianar counted descent though the mother rather than the father, the Greeks would only understand the nature of their relationship if he said he was Presaron's son.

Before they met the Greeks, the Aghianar did not even realize that there is a direct connection between sex and childbirth, and some of the more traditional Aghianar still denied it even in those days. The Greek story of Eurynome and the creation of the Earth descended from a satire told by Aghianar women about Yasasarame (called Ashtoreth Yam by the Philistines) who was caressed by the wind before she gave birth to the world. Then the wind boasted that it had created the world by caressing Yasasarame so Yasasarame kicked out its teeth and threw it to the earth.

But if the Aghianar mocked the Greeks for their patrilineal descent, so the Greeks mocked the Aghianar for their matrilineal descent. The Greek satires have survived in the form of the stories of the Amazons, the women of Lemnos, and the Danaides among others. Most of the stories about women killing their husbands are exaggerated.

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