Saturday, November 11, 2006

why they hate us

Don't you love it when the MSM reports opinion polls as evidence that the MSM view is correct when it is obvious that the opinion polls are a direct result of the MSM's intervention? For example, the MSM reports opinion polls that Iraq is a disaster to prove that Iraq is a disaster, but the only reason that people think Iraq is a disaster is because the MSM keeps saying so. Or the MSM reports that the world hates America because of George Bush, but one of the major reason that the world hates America is because the MSM keeps telling the world how hateful George Bush and America are.

I'm convinced that the reason the world had a better view of America when Clinton was president isn't because America behaved particularly differently, it's because during the Clinton administration, the American press itself and the American entertainment industry were bullish on America. When the world hears good things about America, they like America more. Duh. And when the entire voice of America that is heard oversees (the 3 networks, CNN, and the NY Times in addition to the entertainment industry) keeps telling everyone how awful and contemptible is the very wart on humanity called America, it's no wonder that opinion turns a bit sour. If the only person I know in your family keeps telling me what a terrible family you have, what am I expected to believe?

It isn't George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Republicans who have made the world hate America, it is the MSM and Hollywood. And it was deliberate.

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