Sunday, December 03, 2006

another comment thread

Patterico has a beautiful post about enjoying the moment; it's well-worth reading. Also worth reading (for its contrast with the comment thread I pointed out in the previous post) is this comment:
That’s a nice story.

Maybe someday you will look back at the tenor of your blogging posts, what with you calling people douchebags and the like, and realize what a prick your were back then. Maybe you’ll stop being such a prick in the present if you start taking your own advice
The person who left this quote is so reflexively hostile to Patterico that he can't let the bitterness go even on a subject that has no relationship to the initial cause of his hostility. I first reacted with anger to this act of callous rudeness, but then I realized that I should let it go because I don't want to live in a world like his, so full of spite that even the sweet is made bitter. Now I just feel regret that anyone has to live in such a bitter world.

Hate everyone who offends you and the world is a hateful place. Love even your enemy and the world is a lovely place.

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