Sunday, December 17, 2006

townhall's web design blows

The website design is getting more and more obnoxious every day. It has glaring colors, a bewildering layout, and a labyrinthine site structure. Who do they have designing that site, a tenth-grader?

Those things can be put down to abominable taste but their popup ads that defeat popup-blockers show more than just bad taste, they show a contempt for the customer. Popup blockers are a way for everyone to be happy. Advertisers want their ads to be prominent for most readers, but those who are more likely to be pissed off by a popup engaged by it can avoid the ads. Everyone wins, right? But NOOOOOOOOO. is perfectly happy trying to force their readers to see things that the reader has specifically tried to avoid seeing. You would think that sincere capitalists would be a little more concerned about what their customers want.

I used to read Townhall every day but now I seldom visit more than twice a month or so, just because I can't stand the site. I'm on the edge of removing Townhall from my Recommended Reading list (the one in the margin) which would mean that I don't visit at all. I love Townhall's content, but that site is by far the most annoying I visit. Other sites that have gone that way, I just stopped visiting, and Townhall is trying very hard to get into that category.

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