Friday, February 17, 2006

in case you haven't noticed

Dean Barnett is back to regular blogging at Soxblog. He's one of the best bloggers out there so I'm glad to see him back.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Oops. Forgot to mention the latest Storyblogging Carnival over at Tales By Sheya.

return of that demon caffeine

Last year I kicked the caffeine habit. At first the cravings were pretty bad, but once I got past that, I haven't missed caffeine at all. I was fine until last week when someone made regular coffee in the decaf pot and I drank a triple cup. I wasn't able to sleep until almost 5am and the next day I had a severe caffeine headache (which is what finally tipped me off). The worst part is that the caffeine cravings have come back. So I'm sitting here drinking Diet Pepsi and whining to my blog readership about having to go through withdrawals again.

It's a good thing I have my blog because it would get pretty tiresome to my friends if I had to whine at them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

morbid humor

In the lunch room today:

A: So Dick Cheney shot someone, what's the big deal? Is it even illegal to shoot lawyers in Texas?
B: Maybe he was over his bag limit.

Dick Cheney accidentally shot someone on a hunting trip and his political enemies are salivating over the possibilities. Imagine how they could attack Cheney if the poor man dies. Even though this hunting accident was a tragedy it did have one good effect: many people who haven't prayed in years are praying today. Of course, they are praying for an accident victim to die, but still...

Monday, February 13, 2006

light blogging

Well I've now gone an entire week without a blog entry, so here is a fake one just to post something. The problem is that the three main things I want to write about all require a pretty large investment of time; I can't just dash them off in a hurry. I've been so busy at work that I just haven't been able to find a time slot for what I want to do. Well, work and the Sci Fi channel.

I think I can spend a few minutes to allow as how now that I'm watching the Sci Fi channel more consistently, I'm pretty disapointed in the shows. The action sequences are uniformly bad. The only one with quality drama is Battle Star Galactica, and that one is flawed by overbearing directing and too many women running around pretending to be men. The two Stargate series are starting to steal plots from Star Trek, and not the good plots either. It's incredibly difficult to do a good story about someone who has their mind taken over, and no TV show has ever managed it that I recall.

Finally, all three shows suffer from Kirkism, where the stars of the show have to take on whatever rolls the plot calls for. I suppose the difference between Sci Fi and other TV shows is that other TV shows are written for the characters and Sci Fi is written for the genre. Or maybe too many writers who want to do Sci Fi just can't be bothered to be constrained by the existing characters. So you have pilots turning into Green Berrets, detectives, lawyers and SWAT team members, you have barbarians flying planes, etc. I'm not talking about stories where a character is forced to do something that he isn't trained for --that would be OK, I'm talking about stories where they have the stars do things that aren't in their job description for no good reason other than on-camera time or where stars have some expertise with no explanation for how they got it.

OK, that was more than I intended to write. No spell checking 'cuz I'm in a hurry. See ya'll later.