Thursday, March 16, 2006

those darn lawyers

Patterico is incensed at that government lawyer who made a mistake in the Moussaoui terrorist case, but Roscoe has a different take.

Roscoe's take is that nothing very serious happened, but (1) it pissed off the judge so she is exaggerating, (2) the defense is trying to profit from it so they are exaggerating, and (3) the prosecution wants to placate the judge so they are echoing her exaggerations. I'd add (4) the press finds the exaggerations more interesting than the sober accounts, so they tend to report the exaggerations.

Monday, March 13, 2006

computer outage

I was off-line for the weekend due to a power outage Friday night that caused a computer outage. On the bright side, I finally bought a new laptop computer. I buy one every seven or eight years (that means this is my third) to see if the technology is good enough yet that I can use it. Up to now, I've bought laptop and then ended up selling it less than six months later for less than half price because I couldn't stand to work on them.

This one looks like a winner. I still hate those touchpads, and you just can't use a mouse conveniently with the computer in your lap. Am I the only person in the world who likes trackballs and would like to see a trackball in a laptop? Not one of those tiny ones that they've tried in then past, but say a 1.5 inch trackball, just to the right of the keyboard. That would work perfectly for me. It wouldn't add weight, and it would be worth the extra bulk.

Anyway, I spent the bulk of two days getting the dang thing set up (and testing its performance on 3D games). It's amazing how much time computer administration can suck up.

So anyway, I didn't get anything in the Storyblogging Carnival this week and I haven't posted for several days. Hopefully, I'll post something soon.

Hey. I just did post something. Well, there's that preassure off.