Monday, October 02, 2006

collected works

Someone asked me how they could find all of my stories. I would put up an index but that would mean I'd have to maintain it and I'm lazy. So here at least is a current collection of the stories I've written. I may have missed a couple.

Heroes for Hire, Episode 1: A Guilding of Lillis -- A screenplay for an animated film. The stars are Rolf the elf and Zantar the dwarf, a couple of brigands who wander about the countryside seeking adventure, loot, and a good strong link of horse sausage.

Heroes for Hire, Episode 2: A Meating of Mines -- Rolf and Zantar are back in an entirely new story based on a remake of Yojimbo. Certain liberties are taken with the plot and the milieu.

The Adventures of Doc (Crocodile Hunter) Rampage -- A tale of danger and courage in the linoleum jungle. Based on a true story.

My Day in Crunchy Underwear -- I don't think I can adequately describe this one. You will just have to read it. I don't recommend reading it.

Rampage in a Spa -- An emotionally true story of an emotionally scaring experience. Not really.
Ink Magic -- A 20,000 word short story about demons, dark matter, and magic tattoos.

Noober the Nice -- An experiment in copying the voice and style of a Jack Vance novel. I thought it went pretty well.

Scale 7 Artifact -- An old-school space opera. S7A is unfinished, but I'm planning to get back to it now that Ink Magic is done.
Speculative Fiction with a Point
Transcendence -- A speculative investigation of artificial consciousness.

Electric Souls -- A speculative history virtual reality.

A Visit to an AG Lab -- A farce about the field of artificial intelligence.


I'll be hosting the next Storyblogging Carnival on Monday the ninth of October. If you have a story that you have posted on your blog and would like to share with more readers then send me an entry and I'll put it in the Carnival. It doesn't have to be a recent post because stories don't age like other blog entries tend to do. It doesn't have to be fiction, but if it is non-fiction it should be at least a story, not a report or an opinion piece.

The deadline is midnight on Saturday the seventh. Send your entry to and include
* title of story
* url of story
* name of author
* name of blog
* url of blog
* a word count
* a content rating (like G, PG, R, etc.)
* a short note to introduce the story
Hope to see you there.