Tuesday, December 26, 2006

random stuff

Er. I guess it's too late for "merry Christmas" so happy New Year, nk, and all.

I'm visiting brother 1 this year (last year it was brother 2). Only nephews for brother 1 so I didn't have to spend an hour helping neices open up nearly indestructible packaging for various plastic figures sporting big soulful eyes and big, fluffy hair.

The nephews are more into sports equipment and plastic firearms. One of them got this really cool double-barrelled shotgun that you actually load with two toy cartridges like the real thing, and then extract the shells and load the next two. I showed the nephew how to do it the cool one-handed way. Also played around a bit with a basketball. Man, am I out of shape. I was hacking and blowing after just a couple of minutes.

I just checked my email and sadly enough, my office seems to be muddling along without me. That can't be good for job security.