Wednesday, January 24, 2007

call me

This is potentially a really cool thing: a link that lets you call me and talk like we were on the phone. Of course you need earphones and a microphone to make it work.

I'm just trying it out here; don't know if it will work. Once I figure out how it works, I'll modify this post to give more details.

By the way, I'm home with the flu (which is why I have time for this) so don't be surprised if I sound like a frog.

Hmm. According to my official tester, it is only giving the option to leave a video message, and not to call me. I don't understand because I'm logged in to Wengo.

UPDATE 3: Additional testing reveals that although I can talk to others, I can't hear them. I'm not sure that's such a bad feature... Still, I'm disabling the link until I get this figured out. By the way I should have said what this widget is: it's WengoVisio.

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