Wednesday, January 17, 2007

the fight for freedom continues

Here is an excellent post about the war against Christianity. The hatred for Christianity has become rather stark for me since I moved to the San Francisco Bay area. No one around here seems to give a second thought to saying something sarcastic and bigoted against Christians --the sort of things that they would never dream of saying about Jews or Muslims or Hindus or anyone else. After all, we have to respect other people's religions --other people besides Christians, that is.

The double standard just hits you in the face. I think I now have an appreciation for what it was to be a black person in the North before the 1950s. Oh, sure, you weren't in much danger of being lynched, but you could be having a polite conversation with a white person who would just off-hand comment about how negros aren't smart enough to to go to college, or negros are too lazy to do union work, or something similar. Now it's Christians aren't smart enough to raise their children the way they want to or Christians are too intolerant to be allowed to run their own churches.

People don't take the anti-Christian bigotry seriously because Christians are still politically powerful enough to protect themselves --except were they aren't; the Christians who have gone to jail or lost their jobs in Europe and Canada for offending gays are just a sign of things to come here if we lose ground politically. The common notion that the world has somehow changed, or people have evolved to a higher level of morality is just so much irrational crap. The only thing that has changed in humanity is that the most powerful countries in the world for the last few centuries have been heavily influenced by Christians. Whereever Christian influence has failed, in Communist countries, in Islamic countries, in the multi-religion countries of Africa, men are just as cruel and barbaric as ever.

And the only people in history that have ever given the kinds of freedom to religious minorities that we see in the West are Christians (despite the propoganda one often hears to the contrary). If we lose the power to protect our own religious liberty, our successors will certainly not be so generous and society will degrade back into the kind of barbarism one sees throughout the non-Christian world.

In national politics, we Christians aren't just fighting for political power, we are fighting for our basic freedoms.

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