Monday, January 15, 2007

a sad end to a sad man

I used to be about as pro-Jimmy Carter as a Reagan conservative can be. Sure, he gave away the Canal, he backstabbed our allies, and he allowed the Iranians to humiliate the United States, but at least --or so I always claimed-- the man was operating on principle. He was essentially honest and was trying to do the right thing. He just had outrageous ideas of what is right.

I started to rethink this position over the last few years as Carter has serially embraced various murderous America-hating despots. What to think? Why would a man with an already-shabby reputation be going around to defend and support murderous thugs? Now it looks like the answer to Carter's corrupt behavior is the oldest one in the list: bribery.

I have to say: I'm surprised and disapointed. Not only in Carter, but in the American political system that would let this happen. Did Carter take bribes while in office as well? It is suddenly much more plausible that he did and it would explain some very mysterious behavior.

Of course this would mean that the last three Democrat presidents were corrupt: Johnson, Carter, Clinton.

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