Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mist Magic part 24

The story begins here. The previous week begins here.
The Kuretes were kept secret for nearly two years, but soon the rest of the Aghianar learned of this betrayal and they demanded an immediate end to the teaching and they demanded that all of the Kuretes be turned over to them for elimination for the Aghianar recognized the danger of giving away all of their secrets to barbarians. Yet the fool Presaron defied them all and there was civil war among the Aghianar with the Greeks on the side of Kadlandith.

The Greek ships --now based on Aghianar designs-- were commanded by Kuretes with the powers of mist magic and the ships of all the Aghianar had Valangzus. At first there were battles of magic, but Azdior learned what was happening and began to refuse his power. The Kadlandithar knew that this was the end of them and they were about to kill Presaron when Poseidon intervened and saved him, for Poseidon wanted to destroy all the Aghianar and he wanted the civil war to continue. After that, Poseidon and his minions were taught to use the mist magic as well, and all of Kadlandith turned to Poseidon.

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