Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mist Magic part 26

The story begins here. The previous week begins here.
Magic returned to the sea battles. The interventions of the gods became more vigorous, more extreme. The battling gods assigned many powerful minions to serve their proxies on Earth, for these princes of Rodona are not gods of the sort that we think of today. They are powerful, but they are not omnipresent and they must do most of their work through servants --the demigods and the demons of Rodona.

Yasasarame of the Philistines joined Azdior, and Hades joined Poseidon --that very Hades who was god of all the dead peoples that the Greeks had destroyed when invaded the Aegean Peninsula. Then Baal of the Canaanites joined Azdior and others joined Poseidon. Now it truly became a war of two worlds. In Earth it was the Greeks and Kadlandith against the rest of the Aghianar. In Rodona it was Poseidon and the gods of the Aegean peninsula and Asia Minor against Azdior and the gods of Egypt and the Levant.

With the aid of warring gods the sorcerers grew in power until a single Valangzar or Kurete was more feared than a fleet of ships. Poseidon lent to the Kuretes the great wyrm Charybdis who could flood the land. Yasasarame lent to the Valangzar the Laelaps, a black-liquid demon in the shape of a hound, an unstoppable assassin with the power to seek out and kill anyone that it was sent after. Some of the Kuretes rode hypogryphs and Crete was guarded by a giant man of bronze. There were great magics in those days and periapts of great power.

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