Monday, July 16, 2007

I think I'm in love with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hot Air has an "interview" of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by some smug America-hating prick. I put "interview" in sneer quotes because it's clear that the "interviewer" was really only interested in scolding her. This ignorant twit who has never lived outside of Canada wants to lecture a woman who grew up in a Muslim society about what Islam really is all about. Then he tries to explain to this woman who as a child, was sexually mutilated by her own Muslim society, he wants to explain to her how awful American society is for Muslims. People stare at them! They have to go through airport security for heaven's sake! Doesn't she understand what an outrage that is?!

Hirsi Ali kicked his pretentious butt all up and down that interview room. She remained poised and confident, answering all of his barbed comments with logic and slapped him down like a begging dog when he attacked her.

Hirsi Ali, in case you don't know is the woman who wrote the film that got producer Theo Van Gogh murdered by Muslims. Hirsi Ali had to go into hiding to avoid meeting the same fate.

Here's a funny quote from the site that aired the interview:
... Until she [Hirsi Ali] went into politics and ended up with the rightwing Liberal Party, which was exploiting a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment at the time.
So, uh, an immigrant got elected on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in an anti-immigrant party. Ri-i-i-ight. You don't think maybe it was something besides the fact that these people are immigrants that got everyone so riled up, do you?

Ayaan is smart, beautiful and deadly in a debate. And if you hang around with her you could get killed. She's sort of a female Jason Bourne. I think I'm in love.

UPDATE: Not that I have anything going on for Matt Damon or anything.

UPDATE2: I mean, since I said she was a female Jason Bourne and then said I was in love with her, you might have thought that I was in love with Matt Damon who played Bourne. Ick.

UPDATE3: Not that Matt Damon is icky, he's very good looking.

UPDATE4: I'm just saying that he's objectively good looking, not that I personally think he's good looking.

UPDATE5: In other words, I'm not gay or anything.

UPDATE6: Not that you would have to be gay to think another man is good looking. I had a roommate once and he liked to read Muscle Magazine and he wasn't gay.

UPDATE7: Actually, I thought reading Muscle Magazine was pretty gay but I never told him that because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

UPDATE8: And I've never actually slapped down a begging dog. That would be mean.

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