Saturday, July 07, 2007

the moment

Over the last few years of blogging I've written political commentary and mathematical analysis, philosophy and personal anecdotes, comedy and drama, prose and scripts, and a recipe. What else is there but to add but poetry?

The Moment

In the dusk I ride
and the rain arrives
with a stinging on my hand.
The scent refrain
of desert rain
warned me it would land.

To urge more speed
from iron steed
I crank the throttle high.
The engine wails
above the gales;
white lines go streaking by.

The thunder storm
falls like a swarm
of bees and lightning flash.
There's cold and pain
of high-speed rain;
the wind is like a lash.

I hug my mount
on the gale's account
and the engine cooks my knees
but my arms are bare
in the chilly air
and my hands begin to freeze.

A searing flash,
a roaring crash,
the thunder follows fast.
The count tells me,
at less than three,
it's nearer than the last.

I ride alone
on a barren road,
no building, bush, or tree.
If lightning seeks
the local peaks,
it must be seeking me.

As the needle ticks
to eighty six
there's a pale horse giving chase.
I can barely see
ahead of me.
It's a suicidal race.

The rains release
a film of grease
and the tires start to wend.
They once hugged the road
with a lover's hold,
but now it's just a friend.

Blinding light
rips through the night
no time to count to one.
The thunder hits
like a load of bricks.
It was close enough to stun.

Hard I ride
at the horseman's side.
This moment may be my last.

But what a moment!

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