Sunday, January 28, 2007

the gurgle from below

A half hour ago I was sitting here wondering what that gurgling sound was. After a big of searching, I discovered that both my toilet and bathtub are full of dirty brown water, and the toilet is overflowing what is probably raw sewage onto my bathroom floor. I like to think that if it weren't for the cold medicine I took a few days ago I would have been alert enough to note this before stepping onto the flooded floor in my stocking feet. Ick.

Now I'm sitting here wondering if I should pack an overnight bag before the carpeting is likewise flooded... And I have to pee.

UPDATE: Well, the crisis has ended. Someone came over and vacuumed up the water. I guess I'm going to have to bleach the floor and tub. And throw out my bathroom rug.

UPDATE 2: The negative consequences keep piling up. My nextdoor neighbor's bathroom has also been disabled while they clean things up and apparently I wasn't the only one who had to pee. I just walked by his four-year-old sun whizzing through the guard rail onto the courtyard of the floor below. Why didn't I think of that?