Saturday, July 21, 2007

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Xrlq.

For those of you who don't know, tagging games are the linking pyramid schemes of the blogosphere. Some enterprising young whippersnapper tags five other blogs and asks them to write something or answer a question. Then those five blogs are supposed to do another five blogs. The exponential growth should very quickly cover the entire blog world. So how come this is the first time I've ever been tagged?

I'm guessing it's because the blogger who started this one came up with an amazing new innovation. Instead of tagging five people, you have to tag eight. Where do people get these ideas from? And since I'm not sure I know eight bloggers who are still active, I'm going to have to stretch on my tags.

By the way, I tried to trace the path back to the original genius who thought of an 8-way pyramid scheme, but after a grueling slog through a chain of chick blogs, I came to a dead end where the bloggeress seemed to have gotten the meme from elsewhere but didn't say where.

So anyhow, here are the rules:
The rules are simple…Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. I typically eat meals at 7/11 several times per month.

2. I own 8 different long-sleeve pseudo-dress shirts with Loony Tunes characters on them. This highly unorthodox apparel doesn't seem to impress the ladies all that much. Go figure.

3. I believe that the finest contribution that the show South Park has made to our culture is by reviving the word "hippie" as a pejorative term.

4. When I open a package that contains a pastry of some sort and part of the pastry sticks to the cellophane, I lick it off before I start on the main pastry.

5. I don't blog in pajamas; I find them too restricting.

6. My favorite musical styles are blues and 70's pop. What's the connection? Probably I like 70's pop because when I was a kid the only things on the radio were pop and heavy metal --and I hate heavy metal. I probably like the blues because it is my natural musical form: the blues makes heavy use of syncopation and I have no rhythm. The blues uses a flattened scale and I sing a lot of flat notes. I'm a born blues singer!

7. I can sort of play the blues harp. For those of you who aren't into the scene, a blues harp is a harmonica played in the blues style. What I mean by "sort of play" is that I can do a lot of the blues effects but I don't put in the necessary practice time to actually perform any numbers other than Amazing Grace.

8. My favorite colors are purple, gold, and turquoise. When I gave this answer to my grandmother many years ago, she dutifully knit me an afghan in those very colors. She is gone now, but I think of her every time I see that afghan.

So, for those of you who made it through the entire list, here are my tags:

La Shawn Barber
Back of the Envelope
Mostly Cajun
Monday Evening (BTW, Tom, I haven't been able to leave a comment at your site for about a year now. I keep meaning to send you an email about it...)
Master of None
Maverick Philosopher

where are the calls for an investigation?

Dean Barnett has written a very good summary of that New Republic article, "Shock Troops", on events in Iraq. "Shock Troops" describes some grotesque and possibly illegal behavior by American soldiers in Iraq. It makes them out to be cruel and sociopathic. However, the story is highly implausible and has been soundly thrashed on the right side of the blogosphere.

Barnett observes that the New Republic seems to have failed to do any fact-checking before publishing the story and wonders how that could have happened. He offers that the reason that this happened is because the editors of the New Republic didn't find the story at all remarkable. They really do believe, deep in their little Leftist souls, that American soldiers are a bunch of hateful sociopaths, just the kind of warmongers who would do these sorts of things, and so the editors didn't think the story was doubtful enough to be worth checking.

I beg to differ. Barnett's is a reasonable interpretation but it fails to explain the peculiar fact that neither the New Republic nor the Left blogosphere is jumping on this story and demanding an investigation. Name one plausible event of this kind in the last twenty years that the left didn't want investigated --didn't hysterically demand be investigated. I can't think of one. If a report leaves the military in a bad light then the Left invariably wants a long and rectally thorough public examination of the events. They want all of the dirty laundry aired in order to bring maximum discredit upon our military forces and in order to extend the story and weld it into public perception.

Where are the calls for an investigation over this incident? You won't hear any from the Left because no one, on left or right, really believes that this story is true.

Well, I call for an investigation. If these things really are true then we need to know about it. We need to punish the soldiers involved and retire the officers that let it go on. We should all demand an investigation into these allegations. Let's air the dirty laundry. Let's find out who is mocking women who were disfigured by an enemy attack, let's find out who is running over dogs with military equipment, and let's find out who is lying.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Volkswagen as Jesus

Have you seen the new TV commercial where a ride in a Volkswagen redeems a sinner? No, really. A car thief steals the Volkswagen and drives it away. During the ride his life is changed by the spiritual transforming grace of the automobile and he returns it to its owner. The announcer says in a gentle voice: "When you get into a Volkswagen, it gets into you."

I kid you not.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

of babes and babies

As I was walking out of the gym this morning past the rows of exercise machines, I noticed that all of the women were looking to the right and all of the men were looking straight ahead. What was going on? I couldn't see what the women were looking at, but when I scanned my sensory inputs, I heard a baby crying. It was actually pretty loud but it hadn't impinged on my awareness at first. Apparently it hadn't impinged on the awareness of any of the other men in the gym either, but every woman in the place had zeroed in on it like a cat spotting a mouse.

I thought it was cute.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I think I'm in love with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hot Air has an "interview" of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by some smug America-hating prick. I put "interview" in sneer quotes because it's clear that the "interviewer" was really only interested in scolding her. This ignorant twit who has never lived outside of Canada wants to lecture a woman who grew up in a Muslim society about what Islam really is all about. Then he tries to explain to this woman who as a child, was sexually mutilated by her own Muslim society, he wants to explain to her how awful American society is for Muslims. People stare at them! They have to go through airport security for heaven's sake! Doesn't she understand what an outrage that is?!

Hirsi Ali kicked his pretentious butt all up and down that interview room. She remained poised and confident, answering all of his barbed comments with logic and slapped him down like a begging dog when he attacked her.

Hirsi Ali, in case you don't know is the woman who wrote the film that got producer Theo Van Gogh murdered by Muslims. Hirsi Ali had to go into hiding to avoid meeting the same fate.

Here's a funny quote from the site that aired the interview:
... Until she [Hirsi Ali] went into politics and ended up with the rightwing Liberal Party, which was exploiting a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment at the time.
So, uh, an immigrant got elected on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in an anti-immigrant party. Ri-i-i-ight. You don't think maybe it was something besides the fact that these people are immigrants that got everyone so riled up, do you?

Ayaan is smart, beautiful and deadly in a debate. And if you hang around with her you could get killed. She's sort of a female Jason Bourne. I think I'm in love.

UPDATE: Not that I have anything going on for Matt Damon or anything.

UPDATE2: I mean, since I said she was a female Jason Bourne and then said I was in love with her, you might have thought that I was in love with Matt Damon who played Bourne. Ick.

UPDATE3: Not that Matt Damon is icky, he's very good looking.

UPDATE4: I'm just saying that he's objectively good looking, not that I personally think he's good looking.

UPDATE5: In other words, I'm not gay or anything.

UPDATE6: Not that you would have to be gay to think another man is good looking. I had a roommate once and he liked to read Muscle Magazine and he wasn't gay.

UPDATE7: Actually, I thought reading Muscle Magazine was pretty gay but I never told him that because I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

UPDATE8: And I've never actually slapped down a begging dog. That would be mean.