Thursday, September 20, 2007

the truth about Star Trek

Ilya Somin has an astonishing and well-reasoned theory about the truth behind the contradictory Star Trek universe. Ever wonder why a supposedly pacifist Earth seems to be run by the military? Every wonder, in this supposed Federation, how come only Earth seems to have a significant military? Why they claim that everything they need can be replicated but they still have missions that involve finding or delivering rare items or substances? Why they claim to have done away with currency, but there are still very rare items that seem to find their way into the possession of top military officers? Why in a supposedly egalitarian society, in a ship of a thousand people and four holo-decks, the decks always seem to be unoccupied when the top officers want to use them? Why they are always running into individual humans and human societies that are trying to avoid the Federation? Why all of the telepaths seem to be in government or the military? Why all alien races look like oddly-colored humans with strange faces?

He is a little off on the Prime Directive. It is both more sinister and more pernicious than Ilya imagines. Maybe I'll have time to set the record straight later this week.

And what's up with that snotty, self-righteous line "We no longer enslave animals for food" by someone who can get all the replicated Chateau Brignon, Dungeness crab, and bratwurst he wants for free? What a dork.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I really need one of these

Ever look out into your back yard and think, "Geeze, those hundreds of chickens are pooping in the swimming pool, eating all the flower seeds, and giving the cat a nervous twitch. Sure wish I could find some entertaining way of rounding them all up"? Me neither. But if I did, I'd know the solution: the revolutionary new EZ Catch Chicken Harvester.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

evil food design

Potato chips are about the worst thing you can eat and I hadn't had any significant number of chips for fifteen or twenty years. Then they came out with jalapeno and jabanero chips. I love spicy food and I love the taste of jalapeno peppers. I've had about ten bags of chips in the last month.

Have they no shame?