Sunday, September 30, 2007

grievance mongering from the Right?

This story about some US marines returning from Iraq who were not allowed to enter the Oakland terminal is making the rounds. There is a lot of wailing and chest pounding over this incident, but I don't think it is any more than a bureaucratic mix up. There is no evidence to justify the accusations of a deliberate snub by Left-coast liberals, and certainly nothing here is comparable to the disgraceful way that some troops were treated when they returned from Vietnam.

This looks suspiciously like the Right is trying on the tactic of grievance mongering that the Left has used so successfully. You know: any time that a white does something to a black, it's racism; any time a social conservative does something to a gay it's homophobia. Now is it any time a liberal does something to a soldier it's martiophobia?

Frankly, I would like my side to be better than that. It may be an effective tactic but it is not an ethical tactic. The Right has been doing pretty well so far by just confronting the self-serving lies of the Left with the truth. I suggest we stick with that tactic.