Saturday, March 08, 2008

the power of detecting mango pickle

The mango pickle incident seems to have given me the power to identify the scent of mango pickle from a crowded lunchroom of many different foods. I walked into the lunchroom today and asked Shreya if she had brought in some of that extra-spicy mango pickle she promised. She said she handn't, but I insisted that I smelled mango pickle. It turned out that Mallik from two tables away had some mango pickle. He gave me a small portion (I discussed the importance of using small portions in the previous post) and I put it on my chicken sandwich because I didn't have any rice or any of those Indian cracker thingies.

I really like mango pickle. It's annoying that you can only have a small amount, but it's really, really important to show self-control in this area.

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