Friday, April 11, 2008

the China problem

Could it be that simple? I've been wondering why the San Francisco leftists have suddenly developed a concern for an oppressed people where the United States can't be blamed for the oppression. Then tonight on the TV I saw a local news station leading with the story about how Bush is being pressured to skip the opening ceremonies or the entire Olympics. The same sorts of news was making the rounds last night. The protests gave impetus to the languishing story of China's behavior.

This is turning into a real problem for Bush. Bush's supporters, unlike the San-Francisco Left actually do care about oppressed people, so they want Bush to do something about China. Bush knows that China is an important trading partner who will retaliate if he does anything. If he does something and China retaliates, then he will get blamed. If he does nothing then he will get blamed. They've managed to box him into a no-win situation.

Could that be the entire point of this exercise? Could it be that simple?

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