Sunday, April 20, 2008

no day for smokers

Yesterday the wind was brutal all day long, from dawn to dusk. I sat at my computer waiting for it to die down so that I could go out but there was no respite until after dark. It was purely a wind storm, no rain.

I don't mind cold, heat, rain, or fog but wind, wind is trouble. With high winds cold is colder, rain is wetter, and dust gets under my contacts. Around noon I was driven into the wind storm by my growing appetite. It was that or lunch upon pickles and jalepeno-stuffed olives which were the only food in my pantry. I had planned to have a cigar after lunch --an occasional pursuit-- but the wind was so strong that I had no desire to be outside.

It made me wonder how well habitual smokers were dealing with the day. I imagined myself suffering from a craving such as hunger or thirst and being forced to stand outside in the wind to satisfy it, and not able to eat or drink unless I could first light a little stick in the high winds. You can always find shelter from rain, but there was no shelter from winds such as we had yesterday except under a roof with four walls. And since the health fascists have thrown smokers out of every single building except for (for the moment) private residences, they are just hosed on days of high wind.

But it's a beautiful day today.

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