Tuesday, April 01, 2008

on Christians and pagan festivals

About my visit to a Holi festival, I wonder how others feel about a Christian attending a pagan festival at a pagan temple. When you think about it, modern Hinduism is pretty much the same as the pagan religions that the early Greek and Roman Christians came out of.

Fifteen years ago, I would never had considered going to a Hindu temple, much less participating in one of their festivals. But the festival was just a social event for me and I don't think that it has much religious significance even for the Hindus that attended. And even if it did have religious significance for others, would that mean that a Christian couldn't go? God called on the Jews to be separate from the world, but he calls on Christians to go out into the world.

The Hindu culture is the social structure for some good friends of mine, and it would be a shame if I couldn't join them in the celebrations that are important to them. If I refused to join them, wouldn't I be as mean-spirited as the people who refuse to celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving because of the Christian implications?

The truth is that I've pretty much made up my mind on this, but I'm curious about what others think.

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