Friday, May 23, 2008

welcome to the dark side, John Hawkins

John Hawkins has been seduced to the dark side. Finally, John McCain has gone so far in his contempt for conservatives, that Hawkins lashed out in anger. And as we all know, anger leads to the dark side. So now Hawkins, who has always been a vociferous supporter of the idea that any Republican is better than any Democrat, no matter how RINO the Republican, has said that he will not support John McCain. I welcome him to the brotherhood of the Sith.

For the moment, Hawkins is whining about how bad the dark side is, and how he hopes that his side doesn't win. Probably Anakin Skywalker felt the same way as he slaughtered the Jedi children. He was probably hoping deep in his heart to be defeated so that the evil that he had become would be destroyed.

But John -- there is POWER in the dark side. It is new to you now, but you will come to understand that even if a Republican president is closer to you in the policy area, that does not mean that the overall effect of his administration will be less harmful than the Democrat. Consider the following:

1. If a Democrat pulls the troops home and there is a disaster in Iraq, the Democrats will get the blame. This makes them unlikely to do it, regardless of their rhetoric. So on that score, it doesn't matter all that much who gets elected. Yes, the enemy will get stronger during a Democrat administration, but the country has lost the will to fight anyway and it is inevitable that the enemy will have a respite to get stronger. Better to blame this on the Democrats than the Republicans.

2. Oil prices will continue to rise, there will continue to be no rational energy policy to get us off our dependence on foreign oil, taxes will be raised, and producers will be punished in the name of Global Warming. All of this will happen under McCain as certainly as under Obama. The only difference from our point of view is who is going to get blamed when the economy tanks. I'd rather have the Democrats get the blame.

3. Republicans will not feel that they have to go along with socialist initiatives for a Democrat like they did for Bush's prescription drug program, so there is some chance of stopping those initiatives. With a Republican president pushing them we are in a lot more trouble (although if McCain gets elected without the Republican base, then more Republicans might have the backbone to oppose him).

4. No matter who gets elected, illegal aliens are going to get rewarded for their ability to live in this country and avoid arrest. So on that score, it doesn't matter who gets elected.

5. If McCain gets elected without the Republican base, there is a better chance that a conservative will oppose him in 2012 if he runs again. I think the Republican party would be a lot better off today if a fiscal conservative had opposed Bush for his second term and at least scared him if not defeated him. It might have put the fear of conservatives into the national party, causing them to control their spending and not lose Congress in the midterm elections.

6. Right now, conservatives have no hand in the Republican party. As long as the national party thinks that they can ignore us and get elected by appealing to the middle, we never will have any hand. The best thing for the Republican party and for the nation, long-term, is for the conservatives to get hand by showing that a party of the middle cannot win elections even if the Democrats are tilting off to the far left.

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