Wednesday, June 25, 2008

dietary choices

Klaxophone's comment on my last post deserves to be promoted to post level:
This inspires me to re-imagine a tv commercial from the sixties, maybe for Pepto-Bismol. Some guy and his stomach talk about his dining choices:

Man: I was just chowing down on a 7-eleven steak-and-jack-cheese taquito when I tasted something kind of funky.

Gut: That would be the 7-eleven steak-and-jack-cheese taquito.

Man: I spit out the food in my mouth...spent the next five very unpleasant minutes...

Gut: In most cases you could avoid this unpleasantness by not eating taquitos from 7-eleven.

Man: You've always hated 7-eleven.
I'd like to thank Tim and Klax for their concern over my health. And don't think their wise words have not made a difference in my life. Oh, no. Tonight I am turning over a new rock. Making a fresh soap. I just ordered Dominos pizza and hot wings. If I taste anything funky, I'll just pretend it's a new sauce.

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