Sunday, June 29, 2008

search annoyances

Google was better before they had patents on-line. Sure, those patents are useful if you are doing patent searches, but for almost any other reason you are doing a search, the patents that come up are useless --just one more thing you have to evaluate and reject as something not worth looking at.

I'd like a search engine that lets me categorize what kinds of things I'm looking for. At least four categories would be useful:

patents -- just patents
products -- reviews, comparisons and product information without marketing junk
purchases -- now you actually want to buy something and you are looking at prices and availability
information -- none of the above

And every search engine should have a way to rule out restricted-access sites. I am not going to bother registering on random sites when I'm on the web looking for information. If "bug-me-not" worked better, I might think of using that, but in general I'd rather not even give the traffic to one of those annoying "we're so special that we won't even talk to you until we get your name, social security number and underwear size" sites. I don't even want to see those results when I do a search.

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