Wednesday, June 18, 2008

windows junk

I just ran msconfig and found a bunch of junk that has accumulated on my system since the last time I ran it. By junk, I mean programs that start when I start the computer, taking up resources, even though they aren't needed (by the way, don't run msconfig if you don't know what you are doing --it can cause a lot of grief. If you want to get rid of windows junk there are tools to help you).

It has come to the point where almost every piece of software I install seems to start a pointless service. For the large majority of these programs, there is no reason for them to be a service at all, much less to be automatically-started. I'm curious about why things are done this way. Do programmers just do it because it is interesting? Do marketers see some benefit in having their programs running even though they are just bogging down the computer and not benefiting anyone?

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