Thursday, August 28, 2008

the Christian right as terrorists

Last night I saw about three episodes of Law and Order. It's one of my favorite shows, but it isn't unusual to see the warped left-wing ideology of the shows creaters in the script. There are have been two major groups of terrorists in the world over the last hundred years: the Left and the Muslims. The Christian right was largely organized to oppose the Left, and since then has been about the only group criticizing Muslims. And in both cases, their primary, most universal complaint against both the Left and the Muslims is the violence that these groups inspire and endorse. Not only do Muslims and the Left together contribute the vast majority of terrorists in the modern world, there is a long record of the non-terrorists in both groups excusing and even supporting the terrorists.

By contrast, when people try to name terrorists of the Christian right, they usually end up naming people who aren't even Christians. I doubt there has even been a political group in history with tens of millions of members and so few violent acts on behalf of the group. And the Christian right has never, in any form, ever excused or supported the tiny, insignificant amount of violence that has come out of their ranks.

Furthermore, the Christian right has been one of the most reliable supporter of Israel over the last half century, while Muslims have been wanting to kill all the Jews and the Left has been wanting the US to stand aside and let it happen. Although there have sometimes been harsh words between Jews and Christians, no one on the Christian right has ever proposed, endorsed, or even stood silently aside during violence against Jews. If you take violence as your measure rather than political and religious opposition, then the Christian right has probably been the least anti-Semitic collection of tens of millions of people in the history of the Jews.

So when Law and Order needs an anti-semitic terrorist villain, who do they make him? Well, "a combination of the christian right and the militia movement". Of course.

This is why there are millions of people in the US (and in the world, for that matter) who think that the christian right is mean and bigoted and violent and wants to enslave women. These people have never actually listened to what the christian right is really about and all they know is the ugly stereotype of popular entertainment.

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