Thursday, September 18, 2008

the paradox of Obama

Xrlq (rhymes with "Jeff") links to this CNN editorial about how the only possible explanation of why Obama isn't way ahead in the polls is racism. Maverick Philosopher has a couple of more examples, and they could be multiplied futher.

I think that the charge is a bit simplistic, but I have to admit that racism plays a big part in Obama's troubles. And it is a big part of why I'm so opposed to him. I was fairly neutral on Obama until found out about his racist church. And since then, his tendency to let his campaign and his supporters repeatedly accuse his opponents of racism. And finally there was the article by Ann Coulter showing from Obama's own autobiography how quick Obama is to distrust and despise white people --including his own grandmother. All of that makes me realize that Obama is a pretty hard-core racist.

Given this, I don't think any anti-racist American can ethically support Obama for president --or any other public trust. I'd go further and say that by this point, the majority of Obama's support comes from racists or at least those tolerant of racists.

But what I really wanted to write about was this quote by Xrlq: "I guess we have to look forward to four years of President Obama or four more years of liberals whining about how everyone but them is a racist." Many Americans seem to be under the impression that if we elect a black president, then this will somehow lessen racial tensions in the country by showing that the country is non-racist enough to elect a black president. In other words, many Americans are hopelessly naive. If Obama is defeated in this election, there will be the usual condemnation of the Great Racist Satan, America, and we can look forward to at least a decade where liberals toss out allusions to this election whenever they are losing the argument in order to distract us and make us once again defend how the elections was not about racism.

But if Obama is elected, we can look forward to four years of intensely racial politics that will change the political landscape very much for the worse. Race will become an Obama administration's goto charge for anyone they are angry at, anyone who opposed a substantive policy initiative. And that's just policy initiatives; imagine if Obama or any of his Chicago cronies are caught in corruption or other misbehavior in office. Racism will be their armor against all criticism.

I'm persuaded that for intelligent liberals, one of the primary reasons they are so excited by the idea of a black president, is because they know that it will give them leverage for four years and create an environment where the charge of racism can be used more freely beyond that.

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