Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to Spur

I've been having an on-going discussion with Spur on Maverick Philosopher. In that discussion, Spur accused me of having strange ideas that could not stand up to scrutiny. That sounds more hostile than it is --on philosophy blogs you say stuff like that. It isn't an insult, it is an invitation to prove the speaker wrong. But I've been feeling uncomfortable having such a discussion on a primarily non-political blog, so I was glad to see that Spur visited here in the comments. And, in hopes that he will return, I plan to do some posts backing up a few of the particular points that he objected to. The points that Spur called strange are these:

1. Bush's handling of the Iraq War has been very good, and the impression otherwise is largely due to hostile press coverage.
2. Bush's liberal policies are a large part of why his popularity is so low.

He also questioned these points:

3. is a biased organization that favors the Democrats.
4. Bush's handling of the Katrina hurricane was reasonably competent, and again, it was a hostile press that makes people think otherwise.

In addition, in a comment on this blog, he challenged this statement:

5. Obama's political campaign has repeatedly charged his critics with racism.

Over the next few days, I'll try to address all five points --as long as Spur shows up to argue with me. If he doesn't come back then I'll probably lose interest. They won't necessarily be in that order and I may use several posts on one point.

So, welcome to the blog, Spur. I no longer recall your blog address. If you will put it in a comment, I'll post it. And if you want to post replies to me on your blog, I'll link to them.

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