Thursday, November 06, 2008

Judge Judy is a bitch

I haven't watched the Judge Judy show very much, but it seems like every time I've seen it, she was an irrational bitch who arbitrarily took one side or the other before any testimony was given, and spent the entire "trial" doing nothing but browbeating the other side, calling them a liar, and mocking them.

She shows no capacity for logical reasoning. Several times I've seen the person that she decided to hate trying to explain that she was missing something, making an unwarranted conclusion, or assuming something for which there was no evidence; it was obvious to me that the person was right, or at least plausibly right, but Judge Judy just dismissed their good arguments with contempt and insults.

I shudder to think of myself coming under the power of such an irrational, hostile self-righteous harridan. If I ever get sued, I expect that will be a powerful motivation for settling out of court. Just in case Judge Judy is a typical judge.


Anonymous said...

She'd be the ultimate person to put in a dunking booth at a fund raiser!
Imagine how much money could be raised! People would pay big bucks at a chance to dunk her.

Agreed, Judge Judy is irrational, an idiot for the most part. We have to remind ourselves she's just for entertairnment!

Anonymous said...

judges' don't need to act like a brat on public tv for arbitration. Can't believe she's on the air still with her fowl "dirty' mouth.. kids don't watch, she's acts like a spoiled brat...setting a pour example for others ..

Anonymous said...

she's a B in caps.. poor example for kids or even other legal people... we know she acts so tough for her ratings...but don't put me on there... OMG.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, Judge Judy epitomizes everything that is wrong with the American judicial system. Sadly, she is not the only one like that. Perhaps she's just one of the few bold enough to allow people to see how terrible she is. She sometimes gets it right, but whenever she can't tell who is wrong she arbitrarily picks a side and gets pissed off to distract the audience from the fact that she doesn't know all the answers.

BrandonJ said...

More along the lines that society has become irresponsible and wants to blame others for their actions. Judge Judy is just a powerful voice of reason in this immoral nation we have become.