Saturday, November 08, 2008

a tail of two video games

Yes, I know the correct spelling is "tale". It's sort of a pun. A forced pun, but a pun nevertheless. See, I played both of these video games a relatively long time ago, so this review is sort of the tail of my interaction with them. Well, I said it was a forced pun. But I just realized that this could me the title for my next episode of "Heroes for Hire". I'm trying to make all of the titles from bad puns. The first two episodes are "A Guilding of Lillies" and "A Meating of Mines". I have to come up with a bad pun for "A Tale of to Cities". Or maybe "A tell of too Cities". You might think it impossible, but the rule with bad puns is that there are no roles. For the first episode title, I actually made up a word to make it work.

Now were was I? Oh yes, I was going to do a comparative review of two video games, Bioshock and Prey. But I think this post is already long enough so I think I'll just stop here.

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