Saturday, November 08, 2008

a tale of two video games

I decided to skip the pun in the title so I wouldn't get distracted like in my last post and never get around to reviewing the two video games. I've noticed a tendency to get distracted in my blog posts at times. I sit down to write a post about one topic, but then I get sidetracked and end up writing about an entirely different topic.

It's really just a matter of discipline, I suppose. I just need to discipline my writing like I need to discipline my caffeine intake. I quite caffeine some time back, but then I fell off the wagon and for the last few months, my caffeine intake has been increasing to where I'm up to three sodas a day. I'm starting to get the negative effects of acid reflux and long sleepless nights followed by lethargic days. I really need to quit caffeine again. I think I'll start tapering off tomorrow. I can't quit cold turkey from three sodas a day or I would get a horrific caffeine headache.

So, wish me luck in kicking the caffeine habit again.

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