Saturday, November 15, 2008

things that make me go "hmm..."

On egg salad sandwiches, I like mayo but ketchup sounds disgusting. On fried-egg sandwiches, I like ketchup but mayo sounds disgusting. On fried eggs I like hot sauce but ketchup sounds disgusting. On hard-boiled eggs, I like salt and vinegar but hot sauce sound like it would be pretty tasty.

Deviled eggs are like half-way between egg salad and hard-boiled eggs. What would you put on a deviled-egg sandwich?

What do deviled eggs and devil's food cake have in common?

How come cheeseburgers have cheese and chiliburgers have chili but hamburgers don't have ham?

Plants such as peppers, garlics and onions have strong flavors to make them taste bad to animals. Ironically, these chemicals that are intended to keep the plants from being eaten actually encourage humans to eat them. This is a survival tactic intended to help the species flourish, but in the case of humans it fails pretty spectacularly. In fact, it failed so badly that it had an opposite result and caused humans to actually cultivate the plants. So, ironically, the fact that the survival mechanism failed so badly in the case of humans makes the plants flourish far more than if there had been no survival mechanism to fail. It's sort of a recursive irony.

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