Tuesday, February 05, 2008

bluetooth spy

According to this guy, if you have a bluetooth headset on you, someone else can use it as a bugging device even from over a mile away. I'm not sure I believe it (in part because it's the transmitter that mostly effects range, not the receiver), but it's something else to worry about.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Obama and Carter

If Obama gets elected, I wonder if his presidency will look like the Carter presidency. Carter was incompetent as an administrator and Obama has no experience as an administrator, which doesn't bode well for his competence.

Carter really had nothing to offer other than amnesty for draft dodgers and was elected as a protest vote against Nixon. Obama has nothing to offer except pulling the troops out of Iraq, and if he is elected, it will be primarily as a protest vote against the leaderships of both parties. And if he does pull the troops out, the move would be as divisive as the Carter amnesty was.

Carter took office at a time of economic troubles, and his political philosophy offered no basis for a fix. Similarly, although the economy is very good compared to when Carter took office, it is not good compared to the last few years. And Obama's political philosophy will tend to move him in disastrous directions for fixing the problem.

Carter was an outsider who had few friends among the Democrat Washington insiders. These Democrats did little to help him other than on his disastrous Panama Canal treaty. Similarly, Obama does not have much pull with Washington insiders, certainly nothing like Hillary has and he will have a powerful Democratic enemy. I doubt that he will get much help from his party members except for a few big, public issues that really stir the Democrat elites and either have little support from the rest of the country or actively angers them. Immigration comes to mind.

Here is hoping that after four years of Carter II in the White House, we will be able to elect Reagan II.

OK, maybe it's wishful thinking...