Monday, June 09, 2008

odd driving behavior

In the last few weeks, I've several times had cars do something strange: they come up from behind fast, and then slow down to drive right beside me. A couple of times, they have even been so impatient that they boxed me into the passing lane by passing on the right before I could get over and then just staying there on my right. I know it's not me slowing down because I've always been on cruise control when this happened. This has always happened at night and the windows have been tinted so I couldn't see into the other car.

So, what's going on? Am I being challenged to a race? I drive a muscle car and the cars that have done this have all been muscle cars or sports cars. If I'm being challenged, am I being challenged by a garden-variety idiot or by a cop who wants to nail me for racing?

giant jellyfish

This is pretty cool. I had no idea that jellyfish could get so big.

Sunday, June 08, 2008